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Hospitality at it’s Finest

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All my life, I have been good at hospitality and welcoming others. I have this gift; it’s what us church folk like to call a “spiritual” gift. Somehow, I’ve been blessed with the ability to relate to all sorts of people, to see things their way, and be able to empathize with their experiences.   All my life, I’ve been good at hospitality, GREAT even! I know how to make people feel comfortable, help them relax, give them something to eat or drink. (“You need a pillow? A blanket? Are you hot or cold?…I can handle...

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things said and unsaid

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April 5, 2015 Easter Sunday Matthew 28:1-10   things said and unsaid   The admonition that some things are better left unsaid comes to us most memorably from the great 20th century philosopher Thumper, the rabbit, whose most famous line is “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” This is an assertion with a religious parallel. The Book of Common Prayer reminds us that our sins are comprised not only of what we have said, but also what we left unsaid; of what we have done, but also of what we did not do....

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Matthew 22:1-13

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Lying down- An ordinary, everyday, mundane, nothing to look at here type of act- Something you do every day and hardly think about it.  Laying down.  That’s all it really was. Lying down doesn’t mean anything.  There’s no philosophy attached, no politics, no theology, not much of anything.  Lying down, in and of itself, is the state of positioning your body horizontally upon a flat surface.  Usually for the purpose of rest. On this day, though, lying down wasn’t just lying down. It couldn’t just be lying down.  Police in...

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Matthew 25:31-46 Sermon

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March 22, 2015 Sermon by Helms Jarrell   Matthew 25:31-46 This is the last parable Jesus tells before the passion narrative begins. Thus, it ends the teaching section of Matthew’s gospel.  Jesus’ teaching section began in chapter 5 with the Beatitudes- Blessed are…. (say all the beatitudes) The image of the Kingdom, from the very beginning was made clear, God is among the poor and afflicted. So, we who know this story well aren’t altogether surprised when the ones who were kind to the poor are ushered into the Kingdom and the...

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Just One Moment

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Transfiguration Sunday Matthew 16:24-17:8   Just One Moment There are moments in life that are so joyous or so painful that they alter us forever. The news of a tragic death. The birth of a child. An act of violence done to us or to someone we love. An inexplicable chance encounter that alters our future. We sometimes describe these events as “momentous.” The potential significance of a single moment even alters our language. Can you think of such a moment in your life? Just one moment where something powerful and significant happened...

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