Community Garden

SouthPark Christian’s Community Garden is one of some 95 gardens in a network known as Friendship Gardens.  Friendship Gardens provide fresh produce to Friendship Trays (Charlotte’s own Meals-on- Wheels, which serves 750 meals per day).  The motto of Friendship Gardens is “Plots to Thicken Community.”  You can learn more about them at

The Church’s Community Garden has 20-25 individual raised-bed plots.  6 of them are dedicated to Friendship Gardens, and members of our garden team alternate responsibility for the 6 plots–planting, watering, and delivering produce to Friendship Gardens.

For $20, members purchase the other beds for the growing season and raise what they choose, in addition to a few weeds and grasses they don’t choose. Our members also donate some of the produce from their individual plots and their home gardens to Friendship Trays and to our own Soul Kitchen. Our garden is listed online as a community garden and anyone from the larger community can join in the fun by purchasing their own plot to grow and care for. If you are interested in using the community garden, please contact our office by email: or phone: 704-554-1066

In 2015, we donated over 100 pounds of food from our garden. The sweet potato harvest gave us 75 pounds of sweet potatoes this year, which were delivered to Friendship Trays and Soul Kitchen!