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What we mean when we say “Young Disciples”…

One of the best things about being church together is sharing each other’s stories. Every Sunday, we meet for Discipleship Hour and share in a time of reading God’s Word, discussing theology and the Way of Jesus, and discovering how we can live into our identity of being God’s children. There are so many beautiful ways in which the stories of our children and youth harmonize with, and are enriched by the stories of the not-as-young disciples.


Because the weaving of each and every story makes our faith more vibrant, SouthPark Christian works to make all of our explorations of faith inter-generational.  We want the oldest generation and the youngest generation to share with each other and laugh with each other and learn from each other.  So when we say “Young Disciples,” we mean everyone that wants to be associated with our church’s young people (newborns all the way through college students).  We plan gatherings and workdays with their childlike imaginations in mind, and we want their moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandparents and really-good-grown-up-friends to come be a part of it.


Will you join us?  Just imagine the bigger, wider, deeper faith we’ll uncover because these many, unique stories come together.