Save The Date- All Church Retreat @ Christmount

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Save the date for our next All Church Retreat! March 15-17 2019 @ Christmount in Black Mountain, NC 

More Information to come…


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Celebration of Graduating Seniors

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On Sunday, June 3rd our Worship time will change to 10:00 am for the Summer.

Our Youth group members will be leading all aspects of our Worship Service for this Sunday!

At 11:00 am we will celebrate all SouthPark Chrsitian Church graduating Seniors

with a potluck brunch/lunch.  All desserts will be provided.

All are welcome and invited to join  us for this specail occassion.





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SouthPark Christian Church 2017 Attic Sale

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Our Worship Time is 11:00 am

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Our  Worship time  is 11:00 am.

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Feb 16 – SPCC Worship is on, but…

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SouthPark Christian Church will have Worship Service as scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 16, at 11:00 a.m. However, please don’t take any chances if your drive to church will be the least bit unsafe.

Also, the Discipleship Hour (945a-1045a) is officially canceled. Although, any classes still wanting to meet are welcome to do so.

The church will be opened by 10:00 a.m.

Finally, anybody available to setup the Fellowship Hall for Worship on Sunday is encouraged to arrive before 10:30 a.m. to help.

Thanks Everyone! Stay Warm, and Be Safe…
Ed Gagnon

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Preparing for November 13

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 in Weekly Devotion

Abundant Possibilities

Preparing to hear the story

Bring a pitcher of water, an empty glass,and a tray to catch any overflowing
water. Put the glass on the tray and the tray and pitcher of water in the
middle of the table. Imagine that the glass holds all the good things you
are; everything that makes you special and unique. What would the glass
contain? Pour some water from the pitcher into the glass for each gift that
is named. Think of good things you share as a household; traits that show
you are disciples of Christ. Notice the abundance of gifts and wonder how
this goodness, God’s love, pours out into the world.

The Bible story: Matthew 25:14-30

Sometimes when Jesus was teaching, he would tell a parable. When Jesus told
a parable, it would cause the people to think and wonder and then try to
work out what wise thing Jesus was teaching. Read Matthew 25:14-30 from an
age appropriate Bible or from a story Bible such as Lectionary Story Bible:
Year A by Ralph Milton (Wood Lake Publishing), pg. 240. Or, listen to
“Parable of Generous Love,” a story based on Matthew 25:14-30 that is
provided in MP3 format on the Season of Creation, Pentecost 2 Data CD,
available from your church office. The MP3 download is also available for
purchase at www.seasonsonline.ca. Parables use everyday things such as
seeds, coins, and animals to teach about God’s way and God’s love. In this
story, a man is going away and leaves some servants in charge of money. Two
of the three servants put the money to work and double what they are given,
but one servant buries the money. When the man returns, he praises the
investment of the first two servants and tells the servant who buried the money to dig it
up and give it to the servant who had the most to begin with. Jesus finishes
the story by saying that everyone who has will be given more, much more.
What does this story tell us about the realm of God?

After hearing the story

What would you do if you were suddenly responsible for something of great
value? Imagine you have one of these valuable things. Talk about the
possibilities together. Then draw a picture of how you could use the gifts
you have for the good of your community, or even the world.
Imagine you have one million dollars. What good thing could you do with it?
Imagine you are the leader of your country. What good decision could you
Imagine you could see what people needed to help them. How could you use
that special gift?
Imagine the gifts you have. What good thing could you do with them?
Look for investment opportunities together this week; ways you can invest in
the realm of God. What can the members of your household do together to
share love, justice, and compassion with each other and the world?

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