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In opinion, liberty; in essentials, unity; in all things, charity

Summer Worship Hours

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Fresh News

WORSHIP GATHERING now @ 10:00am each Sunday morning in our Sanctuary.

Summer is upon us and this means a different schedule for most of us. At SPCC, summer is a time when we pause from our usual 10am gathering of Discipleship Hour. Instead, we meet together for worship at 10am and occasionally there are different sessions or studies throughout the summer. Join us as we continue to learn and embody what it means to PRACTICE RESURRECTION in the coming months.

Discipleship Hour will start back up in the Fall. Stay tuned.


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An important message from Greg and Helms

Posted on May 22, 2015 in Fresh News

Dear SouthPark Christian Church…

We are writing to express our love and to inform you about our discernment process over the past several months. For some time now, we have been discussing how best to live into our own sense of God’s call, as well as to perform seriously our role as pastors in two distinct settings, in South Park and in Enderly Park. Both of those places are, in our eyes, ripe with potential and ready for the work that God is doing in and through all of us Disciples. We do not think, at this point, that we can live fully into both places and do both of them justice.

At SPCC, we have seen and heard lots of activity in our children’s Sacred Space. We are in the midst of an important conversation about proclaiming ourselves to be Open and Affirming. We have begun to shift our conversation around growth to focus on the significant assets that SPCC holds, and the ways we can use those assets to benefit the congregation, our neighborhood, and the world.

At QC Family Tree, we have gone through a painful separation from long-time friends and are experiencing a resurrection of dreams and energy. Our young people are living deeply into their faith and senses of call. Our journey of solidarity there for nearly a decade is bearing significant and meaningful fruit.

Seeing these possibilities in front of us is exciting. It also brings us to a point of making a decision. We cannot live deeply in two places. The next steps seem to require the full attention of those who can be devoted solely to one place and its people. And so, with gratitude for the ministry we have done together with you, and with sadness at the occasion of saying goodbye, we offer this resignation from our roles as pastors at SPCC.

We believe deeply that this is the right decision and the right time, both for us personally and for SPCC. Though the paths for all of us may be a little unclear from this point, by faith and careful attention to God and one another, we will continue to practice resurrection in our places. We intend to remain in friendship with SPCC to the furthest extent possible, in a way that is healthy and helpful for the congregation and for us.

We intend to conclude our service with the church on Sunday, July 19. Until that time, there is significant work we will continue to do together in learning to live as friends in God’s peaceable kingdom. We are grateful for the time we have spent together and trust that God will guide us as we move forward along the way.

The Peace of Christ,

Greg and Helms


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SPCC Outside Work Day

Posted on May 19, 2015 in Fresh News

SPCC WORK DAY – June 1, 8:30am-12noon

It’s time for another work day here at the church! This time, we’ll be outside. There will be  coffee, juice & pastries.  Please bring equipment/supplies to clean windows, prune hedges, clean patios, rake leaves, clean fences. Suggested items: work gloves, pressure washer, hoses, rakes, ladder, buckets, cleaning sponge/cloths. There will be jobs for everyone, young, older, short, tall, active, not as active, insider, outsider.  Please send/tell Bonnie areas/projects that should be included in the “TO DO LIST” – bwilliams@pinevilledsl.net


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Community Work Day

Posted on Apr 27, 2015 in Fresh News

Young Disciples and Families Community Work Day

On May 2, beginning at 10 am, we will gather, work gloves in hand, at QC Family Tree’s grounds (2910 Parkway Ave). There is much work to do there: apartment renovations, garden-ing, organizing, connecting with neighbors, and more! We will get the grill out at the end of the day and have a cook out! YAYYY! This is going to be a ton of fun! We hope you will be there.

Let Joe and Lesley-Ann know you’ll be coming: spccfamily@gmail.com

This day also coincides with Neighborhood Appreciation Day (NAD) in the Enderly Park Neighborhood! You are part of this special day!!! Read more about NAD by clicking here. 


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Open & Affirming

Posted on Apr 14, 2015 in Fresh News

SPCC Family:
In our January board meeting, the Elders brought forward a statement that they are initiating some discussion among the congregation regarding us becoming an “Open and Affirming” congregation. The designation Open and Affirming recognizes that we have taken steps to discuss the congregation’s stance on the full inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender persons in the life of our Eucharistic fellowship. Working through a program of conversations and discussions outlined by GLAD Alliance, the Elders are inviting you to a potluck lunch on May 3 following Worship. During that lunch, we will have the opportunity to talk in small groups and in a large group discussion about our personal experiences and perspectives as we seek clarity and wisdom in our congregation taking this step.
The Elders and the staff are doing our best to make sure that all lines of communication are open while we engage this process. Want to talk more about it? Call your elder, call me or Helms, talk during Discipleship Hour and after worship.
I am looking forward to these conversations because I think that SPCC is an open and affirming congregation. And, I think that amid all of our views on what it means to be open and affirming, we are already open enough to have a healthy and robust discussion that unites us in love and discipleship.

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